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When Minho and Ilwoo had a car accident :( [Happy Together/2019.12.26]

When Minho and Ilwoo had a car accident :( [Happy Together/2019.12.26]

You talked about a car accident. Were you with Lee Minho when that happened? Really? I was with Minho and other close friends. For the first time in my life, I went on a trip without telling my parents. It was right after the audition for “High Kick!” The final audition. Not knowing I had passed, I was going on a trip when another car crossed the centerline and hit my car. It sounds like a big accident. I was in the hospital for four months and a half. Minho was in the hospital for a year. – Really? / – Was Minho working as an actor? – What? / – Minho… – He was working as a child actor. / – I see. When I woke up, my mom asked me, “Do you know where you are?” Apparently, I said, “I am at Soonpoong Clinic.” I don’t remember that. It must have been the effect of the audition. You only had Kim Byungwook in your mind. Yes. It must have had an impact. For four months and a half, I got treated for fracture in my hip and leg concussion, and cerebral hemorrhage and – Partial memory loss / – It could’ve been disastrous. My wrist was crushed too. I was in the hospital for four months and a half. The sitcom aired at 7 p.m. back in the days. But the schedule changed before “High Kick!” aired to 8:15 p.m., which is the time slot for daily dramas. Thus, the shoot got delayed. That was the only reason why I got to star in the show. My goodness. – Thank goodness. / – I went to see the director before the shoot began. But I was only a newbie actor. Revealing the extent of my injury would have cost my job. So I told him that it was a small car accident. I lied. I got scolded so much. I cried in the car every day because I was in pain. I took painkillers every day – for the shoot. / – You struggled so much. Have you been friends with Minho – before your debut? / – Yes. Minho and I have been friends since high school. – Really? / – We went to neighboring schools. I saw Minho for the first time when I visited the festival at his school. From afar, I saw a student whose face glowed. “He is the best-looking one in this school.” You recognized one another. Comedians recognize – each other. / – “He is the worst-looking one.” “He was born to be a comedian.” – “He is the worst-looking one.” / – “He is my kind.” – “He is in charge of jokes.” / – “The funny one here.” Minho told me that he knew about me. You knew about each other. We became friends and decided to pursue our dream of becoming an actor. We were very close. Good-looking students hear words – about each other. / – That’s right. – That’s right. / – Minho is… There are many good-looking people in the world, right? Minho is very considerate. He is thoughtful. We got into a car accident together. I received love with “High Kick!”, but Minho was in the hospital. I felt really bad. (Ilwoo felt really bad for starting out first.) I felt like it was my fault. Then Minho left the hospital and gained popularity through “Boys Over Flowers”. – He was so popular. / – I was so happy for him. – I congratulated him. / – It was a matter of when for the two of you.

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26 thoughts on “When Minho and Ilwoo had a car accident :( [Happy Together/2019.12.26]

  1. If he got so much injury and was hospitalized for 4 months and a half, what about minho😐😐 aigoo Il woo really suffered so much thorough his career😭😭 glad he's getting better now

  2. Lee Minho really born to be Gu Junpyo. He has different vibes after all. Hope to see both of them in the same drama in the future.

  3. He suffered so much as well as Minho, both are immensely talented as well, they are the actors i admire for not giving up on their dreams.

    Hearing his diagnosed really broke my heart, i hope miracle happens

  4. I finished Cinderella and four Knights yesterday. Damn, I'm having so much fun watching these! Quickly wanna see the full episode!!

  5. omo this is the first time they shared it right? I cant imagine the long time or even the process of healing. It sounds bad but I hope everthinh fine now esp for il woo 💕

  6. His accident left him in a really bad state, with him being diagnosed with cerebral aneurysm. Seeing him more on shows make me feel less worried about hin!

  7. 4 months hospitalization and 1 year hospitalization. Speechless. Really bad accident. I heard about their accident but i didn't know it was really that bad. Omg.

    You never know what people / celebs go through unless they talk about it.

  8. I feel like crying when he said my LMH was hospitalizednfor a year huhuhu I already know it but I cant help to feel bad huhuhu my poor minho and ilwoo huhu

  9. I was waiting for this part
    I am agree with il woo Lee min ho is thoughtful and considerate that's what make him special
    I really like their friendship
    Wish them healthy,long and happy life

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