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Whirlpool manufacturing across the globe | Whirlpool Corporation

Whirlpool manufacturing across the globe | Whirlpool Corporation

Every morning the sun rises on seventy Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing and technology research centers across the globe. Ninety three thousand Whirlpool employees wake up and greet each new day in places like Clyde Ohio, Cleveland Tennessee, Manaus brazil, Melano Italy, Hefei China, and Pondichery India. Each of them sharing the company’s goal of operating excellence and translating it into manufacturing innovative products that are sold in nearly every country around the world. Since the company began producing appliances one hundred six years ago, manufacturing has changed. Today’s manufacturing jobs require more technology and innovation than ever before. We’re actually using collaborative robots a lot, which is really exciting. The most amazing things that I have seen in the last ten years are the unmanned tuggers, the savants. We use a lot of cloud computing so we are able to collaborate in real time. That let’s us do things across the globe, because we are a global company. Whether working in a high-tech plant in Marion Ohio, Faridabad India, Radomsko Poland, Isithebe South Africa, La Tablada Argentina, or at Whirlpool Global Headquarters in Benton harbor, Michigan, employees are finding their careers are engaging, rewarding, and in some cases life-changing. Never in my life when I started here years ago right out of high school did I ever think that I would be in the role that I am today. I was hired as an assembler, that time I had a high school diploma. Since then I have got a bachelors and a master degree. I’ve traveled the globe. Manufacturing has changed my life in the sense that it has really showed me what it means to lead. The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that I’ve had a direct influence on the products that we produce. It’s a sense of pride you would not believe, like a father and child. My husbands grandfather worked here in the fifties, their children worked here, their children’s children also worked here, so it has provided a wonderful living for my family for many many years. The most rewarding part of my job is enabling people to achieve things that they never thought were possible. I’ve been feeding my family here, my family back home in Africa, and I love this place. This is my home. There has never been a better time to start a career in manufacturing as manufacturers have the highest job tenure in the private sector. It’s a job store, if you want to be a production operator and assemble things and create things, that’s great but there are opportunities to be working logistics, to working safety, quality, to be a leader. With the companies help I was able to go to technical college. They really impress upon you how important it is to continue on, move forward, and never stop stepping up. Working at shop floor has given me hands on experience and opportunities to be part of all new launches right from scratch. I think a lot of folks don’t realize all the endless opportunities that exist in manufacturing. At Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing matters. That’s why thousands of employees have chosen to get up every day and build not just appliances, but also build their careers in our plants, offices, tech and design centers worldwide, with many of them choosing to make Whirlpool their long-term employer for One month and i’m excited about the future. Eight years now. Four years. One year. Three years. Ten plus years. Two years. Seven years. Twenty eight years. Fourteen years. Four years. Five years. Four years. Thirteen years. Twenty seven years. Fourteen years. Thirty two years. Thirty three years. Thirty years. Thirty eight years. I’ve been here twelve years, twelve years.

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