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Who Makes the Best Automatic Transmission Cars in the World

Who Makes the Best Automatic Transmission Cars in the World

rev up your engines, welcome to my
Thursday video where I answer a viewers question and this week’s question comes
from Steve 701, scotty which company makes the best automatic transmissions
these days, now you might be shocked by my answer because it’s not a company
that makes cars, it’s a company that only makes transmissions now when automatic
transmissions first came out a lot of the companies made their own
transmissions they were pretty simple the original GM one with four speed,
six-speed, now there’s even ten speed automatics out there, so modern automatic
transmissions are extremely complex many companies have decided, hey rather than
do all this research and development on our own, we’re gonna buy our
transmissions from a company that only makes automatic transmissions and it’s
actually works out best for most companies actually, I’ll give you a perfect
example, Honda went the other way, they’ve almost always built all their own
automatic transmissions and they’ve had notorious problems through the years
with their automatic transmissions in Accords in odyssey’s they’re one of the
weaker automatic transmissions out there and they make them themselves, but take
Toyota, they use Aisin transmissions aisin now I think Toyota owns 30% of the
company or something but it’s a separate company and they now provide
transmissions for all kinds of cars out there, Dodge Chrysler has had so many
problems with their transmissions a lot of their trucks now and vans they’re
using Aisin japanese automatic transmissions they gave up and are
buying them from the Japanese, for this video I’m talking about normal
automatic transmission, I’m not talking about CVT transmissions I’ll make
another video for that, because that’s a little bit different ballgame, I’m
talking about regular transmissions that have gears that are automatic in this
video, now another company that sells transmissions to all kinds of different
companies, is Allison it’s a company that’s based in Indianapolis, they have
factories in Indiana, they have factories in India, they even have factories in Turkey,
Allison makes really good transmission for modern vehicles, now they specialize
more in truck and big truck transmissions, if you’re talking about
buying a truck with the best transmission, the Allison transmissions
are excellent transmissions but even Chrysler has switched a lot of their
trucks used to have the Allison transmissions, the big Cummins diesel
engines that they made, they would made them with Allison transmissions which was
a good thing for Chrysler because that meant that the engine and the
transmission in their big trucks weren’t made by Chrysler they’re made by
other people that have better quality control than chrysler does, but recently Chrysler
switched and they’re putting the Japanese Aisin transmissions in a lot
of their trucks and vans, and when it comes to big trucks, strangely enough Ford and
GM got together and they decided they’re going to work together to make its 10
speed automatic transmission the f-150s had it, the Camaro’s were using it, the
Mustangs were using it, now from what I read, ford did more of the development
than GM did, but by the time they were done of course Ford and GM had too many
arguments they were working on a ten-speed front wheel drive automatic to
use instead of this 10 speed automatic that was only for trucks and rear-wheel
drive and that didn’t work out well, GM was doing most of the 10 speed automatic
front wheel drive, so that gave up and I doubt they’ll ever work together again,
now from what I’ve seen this 10 speed rear wheel drive only transmission that
Ford makes, it’s a pretty good transmission I’ve driven around in three
ford vehicles, giant expedition that got 24 miles per gallon on the highway,
got really good gas mileage had good pickup and it was real fast in a
Mustang so that seems to be a really good transmission, but being rear-wheel
drive only it has a limited application that you’re gonna put it in, for a normal
front-wheel drive cars it doesn’t fit you can’t use that one, now when I’m trying to
figure out who makes the best transmissions the main thing is, you want
a transmission that shifts really good, it has power and gas mileage and lasts a
long time, and from my perspective nobody beats Aisin transmissions, the one in my
old Celica here, got 240,000 miles, I’ve never done anything to it except change
the fluid every 40 or 50 thousand miles and it still shifts like a dream, I
personally work on all kinds of cars as a mechanic, and I found that other
manufacturers, hey they might work okay for eighty to a hundred thousand miles
but then they get a little bit more they start to break down, so if you’re the type
of person that thinks, oh I got a hundred thousand miles out of a car that’s fine
by me you can buy a lot of different makes out
there, but if you want them to last the longest with the least trouble, I’ve
found these Aisin transmissions are the ones that are best, the next time you’re
thinking about buying a car, you might not just think about the car
manufacturer itself, you might do a little research to find out who makes
the transmissions for that vehicle, cause if it’s an Aisin transmission, odds are
it’s gonna have a really good transmission that lasts a long time,
regardless of whoever’s name is on the car itself,
and since this is the Thursday segment where I answer a viewers question, place
your own question on the youtube comments below,
and I’ll pick the best ones to make a single video to answer your questions, and
where else can you find a guy with 50 years experience of fixing cars to
answer your own question with a video, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Aisin transmissions do good in Toyotas but not in VWs. Do you have an idea why?
    The 722.9 boxes in MB vehicles are bullet proof as well. Lots of MB owners drive them to >300k miles with regular fluid and filter change. The problem with it is that MB tells US customers that the fluid and filter don't need to be changed, which is apparently not true so some owners who believed in what MB said have their transmissions fail early. The 722.6 boxes are very good as well, with some known issues including the electrical connector and spring all are easy to address. With proper maintenance the 722.6 can easily go more than 300k miles as well and they handle huge torques, used on sprinter vans and diesel MBs.

  3. VW made some automatic versions of the old bugs but they did not last long dew to poor fuel performance I think.

  4. I have a 2011 Camry automatic, when stopping I downshift to avail of the engine breaking. Is that a good idea?

  5. If thiers any ram guys on here im curious to know what your gas mileage is like while hauling 6 spare aisins in the bed of your truck i assume 6 is enough to get you to atleast the local grocery store correct me if its more

  6. I have a Toyota tacoma 2005 with 122000 miles on it transmission oil would be safe to change the oil at this point or not

  7. Chrysler never put Allison transmissions in their trucks…GM did. Chrysler builds their own transmission for light/medium duty trucks starting with hydraulic automatic trans like the 47RH, and growing into electronic auto trans like the 68RFE thats behind a 6.7 Cummins.

  8. Scotty is Wright Toyota has great transmission Aisin are great transmission.I have 1999 Lexus rx300 with 185,000 miles and the transmission shifts like dream.
    I have 2011 Honda Odyssey with 37,000 miles and the transmission shifts like crap.
    I will Never buying Honda again,people do some research before buying Honda there transmission are junk.
    Toyota makes the best best minivans.

  9. Hey Scotty, can you talk about ZF transmissions. I am thinking about buying a Pilot with the 9 speed ZF transmission in it. Thanks!!!

  10. A question: After a light bump on the curb, the steering wheel is off center on my 2000 Toyota Avalon. Is this easy to center?

  11. Scotty I bought 2019 camry se nightshade edition yetersday I know you said 8 speed not good but scotty that's only car good right now

  12. I have a 1 ton 4 wheel drive GMC pickup with the 6-speed Allison automatic and I currently have 200 thousand miles on the transmission with no problems and it shifts very smoothly.

  13. Dear Scotty,

    I'd be remiss if i didn't mention the horrible AW55-50SN and AW55-51SN trannies that went into most volvos in the early 2000s

  14. How reliable are Toyota's Multi Mode automatic transmission? I heard there were problems when they were first introduced. From what year onwards did all the problems get sorted out?

  15. 2010 Jeep Liberty. Bought it after I totalled my 2013 Avenger. There's always a 1 second delay when I shift into drive, and it actually shifting into drive. Any ideas? 130k miles, runs great otherwise. I use it to drive Uber.

  16. I have a 93 Corolla passed down to me by my Dad when I was in college. Ive been having electic problems for the past years and have gone through electrician to electrician and they would always say it is grounded but will be hard to find. What do you think of having the entire car be rewired to solve the problem all in all? Thanks Scotty!

  17. The best transmission are the ones they dont have time to weaken and corrupt. All car manufacturers take strong built parts and weaken them down to break at a given point.. I believe that's why so many older cars still exist, they didnt design a them to fail back in the day.

  18. Hi , is transmission fluid and treatment oil are there same ? Because my Mazda 5 have an gearbox reverse problem. Thank you.

  19. Scotty, I have a 1992 Chevy Silverado with 275,000 miles on it. I bought it used with about 200,000 miles on it (all highway miles). Now my front pump seal is leaking about a quart a month. This means I am constantly putting fresh oil in it. It shifts and performs well still, should I worry about the leak and do an expensive repair since the fluid will have to be changed (it's still bright red in color) or continue adding fresh fluid to it? Thanks! Gordo1952

  20. Allison transmission are great. Easy yo change the filter and fluid. ( put drain plugs and external filters) have one in a duramax and love it. Rest of the truck so so. Especially when it comes to the def system.

  21. Q: Who makes the best transmission?

    A: Who makes the transmission for Toyota?…..well, them! :))

    What about the german maker, ZF? I’ve had 3 vehicles with ZFs and had 0 problems.

  22. Who's editing these videos
    Thought it was hilarious that you used a picture of a Turkey to combine with scotty mentioning the allison company being in many countries including TURKEY. LMAO

  23. Scotty, I own an Altima, 2009 2.5S. Has a cvt transmission.. which i kind of enjoy and i guess it saves my brakes with the downshifting.
    It only has ab 66k miles on it. When should I replace the transmission fluid? Or i should say, when should i take it to Home Town Auto or Pep Boys to do that? What happens if you slack on that?

  24. All I know is the trans in my Corolla dgaf what I do to it. 2nd gear lasts forever but it always short shifts to 3rd if left to it's own devices. So I just drive it around town flicking it from 2 to 3 and back to 2. It's a slow car but it doesn't feel that slow if you can stay in the powerband. If I tried driving a newer Focus or Subaru like that it would probably take a dump in the middle of the road.

  25. Hey. Scotty. A lot of VW jetta owners have the Aisin 8 speed in their 2019s. While owning a vw is anti Scotty, can you comment on the ongoing problem of a grinding noise in these transmissions under moderate load and when the rpms are in the 1400-1800 range. Vw says it’s normal and it is the torque converter stator clutch and centrifugal pendulum. They like to tell you the parts involved and tell you it’s normal but not the why it’s making the noise, why it’s okay, and why they chose to sell a car with this ‘feature’. Help the Jetta owners. Help!.

  26. Whats your view on newer made cars and the fact that things are more computerized then manual like the throttle bodys being digital vs a cable?

  27. Ohh my god!! how can jo push your voice to that Screaming whay to talk without loosing your breath… You are informative and i think it whould be more nice for the ear if your Talk normally!!! and with some space for taking in the info you provide!!! I Know its a culturel thing HOLLYWOOD film and TV from USA is also speedy and screaming… is it really neaded??? and do Americans really think its "Helping making the provider sound INTELLIGENT from the listener" ?????

  28. I got 219k miles out of a third gen RAV4’s transmission. The engine was burning a quart of oil ever 2k miles by that point.

    If you can replace transmission solenoids yourself it’s not much of a cost but having the dealer do it costs more than a high mileage car is worth.

  29. I have a 2002 silverado 1500. I bought it brand new and never done a transmission oil change. 250,000 miles and its still good. Tranny going strong. Go Chevy.

  30. Ok, you tell me to buy a Toyota, now you tell me to buy a Honda. Now I’m confused!!
    Is the 2019 Honda Accord 2.0Turbo Touring a good car?

  31. I started listening to Scotty about two months ago, I was looking for an answer to a question I had, I did not get the answer but enjoyed just listening to SCOTTY talk and that is why I am on here today. Scotty make one think he is talking just to you in a conversation

  32. Scotty, I need help! I've got a great car, love it, want it forever. I only have a ton of of fairly simple cosmetic fixes because it's getting old. a lot was broken by s vandal in the interior. I'm disabled. I used to fix everything. I cannot. But to get these little things done, like even to clarify my headlights, people do it in 15 minutes. I can't. Where it who can I take it to with some common sense or experience, preferably, to help me fix my car without paying many thousands of dollars?

  33. Scotty, could you please do an unbiased review of the Ford Ranger XLT FX4 with the 2.3l eco boost and the 10 speed automatic trans?

  34. Scotty what cars have the the best cvt transmissions from best to worst, I seen toyota, honda, and nissan have them whats my best bet if i buy one of those newer cars!

  35. Only and only Mercedes in Scottys videos are example of bad car, in all terms?! Why? What about other manufacturers?

  36. for much that i love honda i agree their transmissions where not so good , now tho they buy their transmissions from ZF , but on my acura tl the H5 is bad

  37. Why isnt the auto industry using automated manual transmissions like in big rigs. There a Manuel just with computerized shifting?

  38. Honda's transmissions, today, are better than pretty much any other company. The only possible exceptions would be Toyota or Lexus.

  39. Say what you want Scotty, but a Chevrolet 1500 PU/Tahoe/Suburban with 5.3 vortec will last as long as any Toyota and capable of more WORK

  40. Hi Scotty, I love your Videos and love your channel, but My Volvo XC90 has an Aisin Transmission and I hear they fail alot. My transmission began slipping today just after a Fluid Change and Recalibration from the Volvo Specialists. But you said Aisin are good. Why is this Aisin on the XC90 bad?

  41. Mr. Scotty, Am from India. Firstly, thank you for all your videos. Please make a video on Lincoln, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura and Buick. Compare those with Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Range Rovers and Bentley. I have never seen a video from you on the first five companies.

  42. ill mazda go the same way honda did with making their own transmissions? since their release from jatco and since I guess they didn't go asain, mazda skyactiv is all they're doing to make their own transmissions for their own engines. How would you compare honda and mazda?

  43. Hey scotty, what do you think about the afm engines from chevy? I have a chevy silverado 2017 custom, im a little worried because sometimes it feels like it doesn't have power.

  44. Hi there Scotty, what was the first vehicle you worked on that you had full responsibility of and did you get confidence from fixing it after you understood what the problem was.?

  45. The old (1997-2004) Mercedes 5 speed tranny is absurdly reliable and can handle lots of torque. Used it in my ML430 185000 miles towing a 6000lbs trailer to Lake Tahoe on weekends. What a car and transmission it was, never failed me with only one tranny oil change that whole service life. New ML350 7 speed is complete crap by comparison.

  46. I bought a 2006 CheVrolet Impala at 170,000 miles. At 174,000 the transmission locked up. I took to a transmission mechanic completely rebuilt it. The mechanic asked me how many miles it had and I told him. He said that’s about right. Those GM 4 speed transmissions were junk. He had impala’s in front of me and two behind me. The car now has 212,000 miles and it runs fine.

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