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Winter Is Coming 5 Tips To Prepare Your Electric Car!

Winter Is Coming 5 Tips To Prepare Your Electric Car!

as many Game of Thrones fans might know
winter is coming and these are the top five tips that you need to know if
you’ve got an electric car to get ready for winter and by the way if you’re not
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new video one of the greatest advantages of owning an EV is unlike a petrol
car or a diesel car of any normal combustion car you don’t have to wait
for it to heat up there’s no engine to get warm heat is instant and I’m pretty
much nearly every single decent EV sold today there’s a little button on
your key that preheats the car now you can press that and preheat it and also a
lot of cars have pre heat timers this is the best thing about owning an EV in
my mind one of the few advantages that people don’t see until they own one so
if you’ve got pre heat on your car preset the pre heat timers for every
morning preset the app if you’ve got an app to pre-heat your car so if you’re
walking back from your car from your office at the end of the day and it’s
frozen you can just preheat it before you get there
this will save you time from scraping the ice and also just sitting in a cold
car so set it up now the next one you’ll be used to on a normal car and that is
the washer fluid a couple of important things to tell you about washer fluid if
you didn’t already know from having a ICE car use washer fluid never never
use anything else there’s a couple of reasons
other things clog up the pipes they get stuck in the pipes so the worst thing you
can do is put fairy washing up liquid because it gels and sticks in the pipes
and it basically means it’s going to cost you a lot of money unblocking all
these channels inside the Jets use proper washer fluid. All washer fluid you
buy will be either concentrated or pre-mixed if it’s a concentrated variety
like this one on the back of the label here it’ll tell you the concentration
you need for summer and winter mix it to the correct
concentration the other reason for this is on a cold day this is got antifreeze
in it so it will stop the the water basically freezing in the washes jets so
if you ever have that time where you wash jets out working because the frozen
it’s because you didn’t mix this concentrate correctly if you mix this
correctly it won’t Ice up now once you’ve mixed it make sure you actually use your
washes jets and pull through that liquid with that new concentrated fluid because
if you haven’t used your wash jets for a while you’ll still have quite a weak
concentration in there and you want to pull through this concentrated mixture
and it will ensure that the Jets don’t get blocked up and they’re all three
it’s also good to check that none of them are clogged with dirt or holes or
anything like that and they’re all angling correctly and why are you doing
that you can check your wipers make sure your wipers are cleaning the screen
correctly because you might as well get all that ready for winter because it’s
going to get dirty it’s going to get gritty this is probably one that you’ve
not fought off I’m demonstrating this on the Renault Zoe but this applies to
pretty much all EV’s if one thing you really want to make sure this little
thing here which is your charge flap you want to make sure that it’s basically
opening closing and it’s free for moisture around any plastic seals now
you can clean plastic seals from a couple of ways I like to use wd-40
according to wd-40 is safety using plastics I often see people say don’t
use it on plastics I’ve yet to have a plastic snap break or be damaged by
wd-40 so I like to spray a little bit lightly all over I also have some
plastic and rubber cleaner and all links are down below in the description if you
want to use any of the ones I use but just wipe around the plastics and make
sure the free of moisture the reason you want to make sure the free of moisture
is in the winter what you might find is when it gets cold and ices up these
charge flaps can freeze shut and the last thing you want to do is have it freeze
shut and panic when you’re at a rapid charging you want to hit you plug in so
just make sure it’s all free of moisture it’s cleaned up and it’s nice and sort
of free of dirt because that’s the only thing that can help trap moisture in any
dirt in the rubber seal so give it a good cleaning around the rubber seals
drive any moisture out now you may ask what about moisture in the actual pins
personally you don’t often see any damage to the pins so I’ve leave them
alone if you’re really really really concerned that the
pins are getting dirty rusty full of moisture then you can either buy some
contact cleaner which is rated at 440 volts or + and you can just basically
just spray contact cleaning right now and leave it to dry personally I’d leave
it alone if you really that worried to find a HEVRA recommended garage and have
them clean out the pins for you but mainly i just leave the pins completely alone
if there’s a fault with the pins you’ll have an earthing thought the car won’t
just charge so you’ll tend to no way before the winter water moisture
freezing and stuff not going to affect them any more than damp weather so you
would have already had the problems sort of coming up to autumn but make sure
this charge flap is nice and free if it ever does get stuck when you’re out and about
and you forgot to do this and you’re panicking on the Renault Zoe’s you can
just keep pushing them and an opening and pushing an opening and pushing and
eventually they’ll free off if it’s a BMW then there’s a emergency pull cord
there’s a video on the top right of my channel and where the emergency
pull is in case that’s frozen basically just make sure you charge flaps opening freely
closing freely and it’s free of any moisture build-up that might make it
freeze in the winter now if this is your first year owning an EV you won’t
know this but if you’re an existing Ev owner and you’ve had an Ev for a
couple of years you’ll already know about this and that is your range will
be seriously affected by the cold weather there is a range drop you need
to know that your car will do less range when it is cold bit similar to a petrol
ice car does less miles per gallon in the winter a electric car when you’re
using all your heater or your lights and the battery has a lower storage capacity
it doesn’t store as much energy when it is cold and for these reasons there is a
range drop now that I have listed down below in the description a website
called EV data comm that has all the data that you need for the worst case -15 winters so the absolute worst case scenario in the cold and then obviously
the best case in the summer now they are worse cases you should get better than
that a rule of thumb 22 kilowatt battery Zoe
if you’re doing motorway driving you’re gonna get 60 in the winter and most
people get around 75 80 in the winter but depends on your driving style what
type of driving you are gonna get a range drop so you need to factor this in if
you’re going to be doing long trips lots of charging or you’ve got you know
relatively long commute so you need to factor in that there will be a range
drops and you need to take precautions for that I’m ensure that you have enough
range available the other thing to remember is that Tesla’s for example the
model 3 or a model 3 + or your model 3 standard then if your only charging for
the 80% range you’re going to have a drop on the 80% range as well so you
might want to top up so maybe 90% just to try and make up some of that
difference now although you’ve got a 440 volts system in your car or maybe an
800 volt system like the new Porsche Taycan those 22 kilowatt hour
batteries for two kilowatt hour of actually 60 90 kilowatt hour batteries
they are fantastic lithium batteries very very good at sort of looking after
themselves got BMS system fairly decent sort of low low sort cutoff points on
the soh however at the front of the car or the back of your car you will have a
standard 12 volt lead acid battery that is rubbish it doesn’t let hot it doesn’t
like the cold it likes to be Goldilocks and they don’t last very long typically
most serious people would recommend that you replace these on for example the
Renault Zoe I think after three years BMW I think is a four year life battery
Nissan Leaf I think is also similar on a three year battery so these 12 volt
systems do not like to be sort of long-term and they the constantly being
fully charged which as we know being a high state of charge all the time is not good
for battery life the problem is when you come to the winter if this is dead you
probably found that you can’t start your car now there is a DC to DC conversion
system that tops this 12-volt battery system and keeps it healthy and that
works on a BMW i3 pretty much tops it up all the time insurance in optimum health on the Renault Zoe for example it doesn’t
it only tops what this 12-volt system when the cars woken up so doors open
preheat kicks in something like that so if you’re going to leave this car stood
for a matter of four five six maybe a week you might just wanted to open the
door even if you’re not taking the car out just the top this twelve volts that
system up just to make sure it doesn’t go flat because if it is near it’s end of
its life it may go flat after two days and then in which case you’ll be calling
the RAC or someone similar to come replace your car now there is a jump
pack down below in the description which is a lithium pocket sized jump pack that
you can use on this system if it is very very low but bear in mind that really
what you should be doing is keeping this topped up and you can buy various trickle
charges to keep this topped up as well so there is a link of them down below in
the description as well there links down below in the description are Amazon
links Amazon pay me a referral if you do buy anything for any my links on bottom
of my videos and there’s also various links for octopus energy octopus
electric vehicles if you go and do a leasing deal they’re all down there like
I said fair and honest I always get a kickback off these don’t cost you
anything if you buy for the Amazon link it cost you exactly the same money as if
you went direct they just give me a small contribution which goes towards
buying equipment for the channel and stuff like that
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I’ll see you again next week goodbye

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13 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming 5 Tips To Prepare Your Electric Car!

  1. Good video, but a 12 Volt lead acid battery likes it to be charged to 100% for best longevity (as far as I know). Don't know why they last so short in EVs.

  2. Eyup Nic, new ish subscriber, im still combusting (15 years BMW) but a courtesy i3 has got me seriously considering my options🤔
    Anyhow my post is just a warning about using non genuine screen wash in your i3, sounds crazy but non genuine clogs the washer pipes, don't know how but the bmw forums all mention it so i thought id let you know.
    Keep up the good work 👍

  3. One thing other thing I do with screen wash is use one rated to a lower temp than you did in an ICE car to make absolutely sure it cant freeze. There's no engine heat to defrost the pipes if you hit an unusually cold snap so better safe than sorry.

  4. A already have a jump pack-charger, capable of starting a 2.5L petrol engine. I also have a trickle charger/battery conditioner, that’s normally hooked up to a different seldom used 2.5L deisel. I presume I could, if needed, use either on a 12v battery in an EV. Or am I missing something?

  5. Nick , Good video, a good start , but we also need to buy snow tires in Canada! My first winter with a Niro EV. I live in a relatively temperate area but it has been down to -30 C a few times. There was some discussion about the Kona charge port (which is front mounted, like the Niro and Soul) getting filled with snow from driving and then cover is hard to open. I haven't heard that the Soul EV had this problem as it's been sold in Canada for years.

  6. I have a BMW I3s .. I cannot find anywhere that tells me how to precondition the batteries (not just climateise the car cabin) the app doesn't have it on it only climatisation. Do I have to pay for the ability to do this from a warm house on the app. I know how to do it whilst sitting in the car.

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