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Winter maintenance begins and we celebrate – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.102)

Winter maintenance begins and we celebrate – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.102)

It’s Friday morning now it’s time to head over
to the boat and we’re going to start off by winterising the outboard engine for the dinghy But first … Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Ba-az happy birthday to you Just in case you hadn’t noticed it’s my birthday today so we’re going into town to have some lunch at a
restaurant which is a rare occasion for us but it’s a special day so why not?
Weather’s not so special though, it’s a bit grey and overcast and as you can see by the
way we’re dressed quite chilly. But it’s not raining not raining so that’s always good
especially when you’re on a scooter. Yeah! At this time of the year there’s not
really a lot of choice for dining out experiences in Limni but we walked past
this little place and there’s a guy outside obviously a local guy eating
what looked like a very tasty fish dish and we thought we’ll pop in here. It’s lovely
and they’ve got lots of little Christmas decorations as well, they’ve put a lot of effort in
it’s really nice I’m gonna have the pork, you’re having the chicken and you’ve ordered some green stuff too. Fried courgettes
And of course red wine
Cheers, happy birthday Thanks And we’re sitting inside because it’s a
little bit chilly today yes they say it’s 15 on the weather forecast
but – it’s not – dreaming. It’s Friday morning and we’ve just finished publishing our latest blogs and
pushing them out to all the places where we promote them so now it’s time to head
over to the boat and we’re going to start off by winterising the outboard
engine for the dinghy and that includes running freshwater through it letting it run so
it completely sucks out all of the fuel that’s in the carburetor
so that’s empty for the winter so the fuel doesn’t go bad. Then we’re going to
haul the engine up onto the aft end of the boat. Baz is going to haul the engine up onto the aft end of the boat! Have you seen Gandalf here?
Gandalf the Merry This is what I’ve got to work with. So even though I’m not able to do a lot of
walking and running and that kind of thing at the moment with my foot I am
actually feeling like a useful part of the team. I can do things to assist
Baz and I can also film so all is not lost. The team A B Sea continues So in order to get the last of the fuel out of the carburettor for when we store this thing for the winter time, coz we don’t want the fuel to go bad inside the carburettor what we do now is we take the fuel intake off so she’s not getting any fuel from the tank now Put the dust cap and eventuallyl she will suck all of the fuel out of the carburettor and stop There she goes. Yay. So what’s next Baz? Right well next I need to get that padlock off Little bit rusty. Well yeah I mean…
It has been in a saltwater environment for how long. Yeah Yeah if there was a little bit give you could wiggle it But there’s no give. Maybe when we do it next time if we get a new padlock we can open and close it
regularly you know the wd-40? Yeah It’s things like that you don’t think of do you?
Until you want to take it off yeah. I know it’s a bit of a boy’s
suggestion but what about using a hammer and hammering down on there just to see if
you get some kind of movement? Yeah it’s it’s just close confined, you’ve got no
swinage room [sound of crowd gasping] Damn! Girl suggests using hammer. Man refuses offer! It’s not gonna go. Okay. All right. So… So yeah that locks been on there since we left Kas which was seven months ago, something
like that, and it’s not being taken off since so obviously the salt water’s got
in there, gone inside, corroded it. It’s nackered. So we’re gonna have to cut that off
and buy a replacement padlock and then as Aannsha suggested we’ll give it some regular wd-40 love
maybe once a month Remove the drain plug and drain the engine oil
into the appropriate container Have you got a funnel? I have That’s fairly clean oil actually for a year.
That’s good, Aydin did a good job then. He did do a good job Well while we’re waiting for that to finish dripping we’ll take a look at the spark plug Right. So you tilt it to empty it… Okay so now after the
initial oil has been drained, temporarily install the drain plug, disengage
the tilt lock and lower the outboard. Wait a minute to allow the remaining oil to drop to the drain and return to full tilt position. Yeah Okay. I believe that’s the spark plug.
Oh no, two spark plugs here and here Have we got replacements? Yes. Two spark plugs and we’ll do them one at a time I can’t locate the spark plugs, replacements. But we do have some don’t we? I think … I’m pretty confident I bought some Would they be anywhere near the nav station? They might well be
in the nav station yeah Oh a little bit dirty. Sooty. Sooty yeah. Quite a lot more oil Neh. Not good. It just doesn’t make sense that I
wouldn’t have bought spark plugs. I’m sure I’ve seen spark plugs. So you’ve
looked in the nav station? It just doesn’t make sense that I wouldn’t have
bought them, because I bought like copies of everything else. I really would like to
get these spark plugs cleaned up and put back in Can I do that while you’re doing the oil?
If you want to do it then do it Done a bit of cleaning so they’re a bit more shiny than they were So what’re we doing now Baz? So we’re firing up the engines, that right? Yeah well it’s best you know once you’ve
changed the oil and cleaned the spark plugs it’s always best to run it Basically we’re just checking that there’s no leaks here that the drain cap is back on tightly
so there shouldn’t be any issues there, I’m quite happy to take that out now and let her run herself out Okay so the next big
job comes at the front end of A B Sea and that is we’re going to drop the anchor
and chain. Well we’re actually going to drop them we’re going to load them down
gently onto this pallet and that way we can give the chain a good inspection, we
can also have a look at the seizing wire on the shackle situation that we’ve got
going on because I want your advice on that and also gives us an opportunity to
clean out the anchor locker of any weed and mud that’s got in there over the sailing season So we’ve managed to do a basic service on
the outboard engine, we’ve changed the oil, we’ve cleaned up the spark plugs,
we’ve had a look to see that everything is as it should be and we’ve made sure
she still runs even after we’d been messing around with it and it all runs good We’ve stripped the dinghy off and we’ll get Harris to hopefully advise us on
where we can get a cover made for it We’re leaving the engine here because
we need to get Harris to get an angle grinder to grind off the padlock that’s
locked tight shut and also another thing we need to do is, I bought a kill switch
while I was in the UK and we need to put the kill switch onto the engine because
the one that came with it broke within the first month. Well done
Mercury Here front end we’ve got our anchor and our chain out of the locker
so we can actually clean the locker to make sure these two drain holes are
flowing freely. What we will do because this is 50 metres of 10 millimetre chain
and this is 50 metres of rope so we do have a hundred metres although we’ve
never actually used all of it so what we will do at the beginning of next year
when we put all this back together and measure it out again we will put this
end on the anchor end so basically just top and tail the anchor chain to give it
a little bit more longevity so it’s not always the same bit of chain that’s in
the water And I might get some anti-rust treatment on the on the tip of that The other thing I wanted to talk to you about was the seizing wire on the
shackle pin. Now this one here probably already needs replacing, yes it does cuz
it’s broken you see it’s broken already because what happens is we’ve got so
much movement here that the actual seizing wire gets rubbed against the in
between the anchor shaft and the shackle itself so it breaks fairly quickly so
I’m not sure what to do about finding a solution to giving the seizing wire a
bit more longevity. Maybe you can let me know in the comment section down
below that’d be helpful Let’s go and see what Gandalf’s up to Gandalf’s waiting to get home to make lunch Right.
Hey do you like my beach find stick with a gaffer taped sponge and some
little beach find you know pretty things?! See this is all vital to the winter
maintenance on A B Sea. It keeps me happy – right – so that means I can heal quicker and I can help faster! Right Okay, off to the studio for lunch There’s certainly no need for me to be wearing sunglasses today but there is a
need for me to be wearing five layers of clothing, scarf and gloves. Winter
in Greece is a lot more wintery than I was led to believe. In fact there’s actually
snow on the hillside just south of the town of Limni. Now we’re into 2020 we
hope you had a great New Year’s Eve wherever you were celebrating that and
we’d also like to celebrate the fact that we’ve got some more new patrons on
board so welcome to Peter and Fran Hoffman and Pete and Sheila Forsythe
Thank you guys and girls and welcome on board. We’d also like to ask all of our
viewers to help out in a little bit of an experiment. What we’d like you to do
is to share this video across all of your favourite social media because we
want to see if sharing has a marked effect on how YouTube pushes and
promotes a YouTube video. We understand that if you’re watching on a smart TV
navigating around there to share can be a little bit difficult and complicated
but if you’re watching on any other device then please feel free to share
this video across all of your favourite social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc Have a great 2020 wherever you are and whatever you’re up to So what are you doing Baz? This is Christmas 2019 and today is December 25th and we’re
treating ourselves to a bit of steak, chips veggies, mushrooms and the all-important
pepper. Aannsha’s in charge of everything else. I’m in charge of the steak because
you know, blokes like to cook meat uuhh. Actually we do
it quite well. No, you do the meat way better than me. So two huge steaks here. I just hope they’re gonna be right when we cook them. Sure they will be. So steak,
red wine and a bit of music, well we can’t play the music now because of copyright laws,
you know what it’s like on YouTube, it’s annoying but that’s the reality.
Yeah So here’s our little table, we’ve brought it in from outside. Obviously we’re
sharing it with the bedroom and the office but we have our Christmas tree with our
earring baubles and yes some red wine and it’s all sitting there waiting with
a beautiful view through the window. It’s just too cold to sit out there.
Did you say cold? Did I say cold? I think plays a bit small! See how she’s got green things on her plate? There’s no green things on this plate. He’s got more brown stuff. Mushrooms, chips and steak. And onions. Oh onions. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas Here at A B Sea
we wish you a fantastic and fabulous 2020 May the year bring you everything
you wish for and a little bit more Thanks for watching you

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29 thoughts on “Winter maintenance begins and we celebrate – Sailing A B Sea (Ep.102)

  1. You donยดt want to use the angle grinder on the rubber dinghy. Itโ€™s better to use a cutter. Those cheap padlocks are easy to cut through.

  2. You need a mantis anchor swivel on your anchor ..there is a you tube video explanation, or something similar .Happy new year, to you both.

  3. Love the sound effects with the dingy maintenance hope you had a happy birthday and a merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year looking forward to seeing many more videos best wishes to you both.

  4. Hi Baz, are you going to change the gear oil on the outboard and also the impeller although that would be best left until you go back in?
    Happy new year to you both.

  5. hey guys happy new year, with regard to lockwiring ( seizing) the shackle there isn't much you can do with a matched shackle other than wire it the way you have. the only other option would be to buy the largest shackle you can fit and drill a small hole through the side of the shackle then wire the pin to the hole, you would need to use a stainless shackle to avoid corrosion the hole only needs to be the size of your wire and a few thou for clearance. with the new padlock don't waste your time and money with WD40 get some INOX or one of the other lanolin based anti corrosion sprays they will protect things much better

  6. First off Happy Belated Birthday Baz.๐ŸŽ‚ Next, Plan your work and work your plan…less trips up and down the ladder. ๐Ÿค Reading instructions ๐Ÿ‘. Lovely setting for your Christmas Dinner; looks homey and delish. I received my copy of "Dream On" from Amazon yesterday. I'm eager to start reading. And may I offer a key to solving stuck metal parts, Kano Aerokroil, "The oil that creeps." It kicks WD's backside. ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Hi Guys. Shared on our FB. Top tip for your anchor shackles and padlocks: Fit the shackle pin using locktight. Then on the back of the pin where it goes through the shackle use a centre punch in between the shackle and the pin to make a few dots about 2mm deep. Hold shackle in a vice or firmly. One swift blow with a decent hammer on the centre punch in 3 places around the shackle pin where it threads to the shackle body will to the trick….. Your have to cut if off if you need to change it ever. Padlocks, Go for the Plastimo bronze locks they never seize. You can buy them in packs of 3-5 and they are suited (all use the same key pattern) so you never short of the right key ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿคฃ Sail Safe. Ant, Cid & the Pooch crew.

  8. meanwhile we are still working, waiting to haul out AND moving marinas! Ahhh! Cheers to 2020 and happy belated birthday Baz!

  9. Hi, Matthias from trimaran Freyia 2 here again. Regarding Brexit and Schengen you should immidiately go to the local Greek authorities and declare your status as living permanently in Greece now. This means you get residency in Greece, and as the EU and GB have agreed every citizen having already residency in EU or GB will not loose this right with Brexit. So hurry up and get you registered in Greece next week and Schengen will not bother you. This right to simply declare residency will probably not exist anymore when Brexit has happened on 31th of January ! I hope everything else is fine with you. Big Hug Matthias

  10. Baz, if you can, use a long cold chisel and hammer on the padlock. A decent whack downwards on the body of the lock will break it and it will pop open. I have had to do this several times in the past after losing keys or having locks seize. Padlocks are actually a very poor security measure for this reason ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. WD 40 is a easing oil.It should always be removed after easing.You should buy a spray can of goose grease.spray in lock.WD 40 does more damage if left on.Have been trying to tell people this for 40 years.Locks need grease .I am a carpenter joiner for 50 years.

  12. Enjoy watching your vids ๐Ÿ‘. Try ACF50 instead of WD40. Also, would highly recommend a torque wrench for all sorts of critical tensioning jobs (like spark plugs). A stripped plug will really ruin your day lol. Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ‘

  13. Wish you an excellent year 2020โ€ฆ Starting with wine and sea view, no doubt it will be good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Belated Birthday. You're already older than you were in the video, and that's depressing. Hectic week around our house as my wife's mother passed away, and we had to take a week off and handle the family business. The round trip was more than a thousand miles as well. Oh – and my back went out (herniated disk) three days before the funeral, and i was pretty much in agony the whole way in the car. The good part was getting together with extended family and taking my crew out to dinner. We don't get the kids all together at the same time much anymore, so it was nice. Anyway – this channel isn't about me – it's about A B SEA and the continued adventures of Aannsha and Baz. Seems like you're well set for the winter, and have a long list of things to do. Hope the ankle is doing well, and I hope Baz is happy with "what he has to work with."

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